You want to take your brand global, but so far have held off because of translation cost concerns? Or you wanted to expand into new markets, but lacked the internal resources? Wait no longer!

Traditionally, Language Service Providers have operated on a transactional business-basis: per-word translation costs billed upon delivery of the content. This upfront expense can be prohibitive for a startup.

e2f is looking to challenge that business model with a new one for the digital era. We invest in the globalization of your business in exchange for a revenue sharing agreement. This means no upfront cost for you. e2f instead gets a percentage of revenues you take in.

And if you need recurring or continuous translation services, our ongoing agreement will ensure you meet your global release schedules in all your desired languages.

Through this new model, e2f becomes a vital and trusted partner, sharing the journey to build your business globally. We grow as you grow. Your success becomes our success.

Use Cases

• Startups Digital Marketing Mobile Apps
eLearning Games • Online Marketplaces


Customised Financing Solutions

We will analyse in detail your business model, expected international revenue stream, and growth goals and will negotiate terms of a specific revenue sharing agreement.

You Create It. We Globalize It.

Take the first step to your global future by writing us at [email protected].