The Process

Translating your page can create unexpected formatting issues or stylistic inconsistencies. Perhaps the translated text is too long to fit on a mobile app screen, or too short to properly fill a text box.

We’ll run a comprehensive test of your localized site, checking to ensure that correct language rules were followed, there are no truncations or missing punctuation and/or strings, all content fits into UI elements appropriately, voice and textual elements match—everything to guarantee a flawless experience for native users.

Why e2f

e2f runs all tests in a controlled office environment, with advanced testing methods to detect both functional errors and linguistic bugs. We have the technology and resources on hand to test your website or app on any platform, in any language. We won’t only fix any errors we find—we’ll run an additional regression test to guarantee the fix didn’t create to any new issues, guaranteeing your site is 100% ready come launch.