The Process

Localization isn’t just about linguistics. Architectures can span databases, Content Management Systems (CMS), git repositories and other source code management systems, machine translation engines, as well as collaborative translation management platforms. e2f will provide assistance in creating applications and scripts for extract/transform/load (ETL) operations, pre- and post-processing, and generating other methods to transfer and keep your original content and translations moving between multiple and disparate systems.

Beyond our localization engineering, we offer App User Testing and Game Playtesting services, designed to provide your app or game maximum user feedback. e2f will manage this testing throughout, from initial public solicitation for testers, to conducting onsite or remote testing sessions, and managing our user feedback systems.

e2f’s in-house Desktop Publishing (DTP) team specializes in creating marketing and print materials: product catalogs, operating manuals, brochures, annual reports, and other documentation in your target language.

Why e2f

e2f’s technical expertise allows us to meet tight deadlines while adhering to strict quality assurance procedures. We offer full-service localization, helping you transform your website, long-form content, mobile app, or multimedia materials to serve any and every market.

With years of experience and a presence on 5 continents, we know the ins and outs of the engineering world, and are uniquely equipped to bring your content to global audiences in a clear, accurate, and well-designed manner.