Managed services are a major trend in modern business. Rather than hiring individual contractors or teams managed by internal full-time staff, managed services go a further step by outsourcing the entire team, including management from both a program management as well as human resources perspective.

Multilingual managed services are still under the client’s direction, and are most often on-site. They can still integrate seamlessly with product teams, from planning, development, and testing, through rollout and ongoing releases. This frees an organization to focus on their core competencies and deliverables, while ensuring a dedicated team is responsible for your successful global product and service rollouts.

e2f Can Help!

e2f’s multilingual managed services solutions can provide you with a range of services, depending on your current and emerging needs.

  • Translators & Editors
  • Linguistic Specialists
  • Localization & Internationalization Engineering
  • Multilingual Social Media & Community Relations
  • Multilingual Customer Services
  • Global Marketing

We provide both all-encompassing managed services for all your linguistic needs. Whether in Silicon Valley, Germany, Canada, or elsewhere, contact us to discuss your global vision and your challenges, and we’ll work with you to create the best solution. Begin by contacting us at [email protected].