The Process

You send us your audio recording in English. We’ll deliver a translated recording of the audio in any language, under tight deadlines, at a price you can afford.

Why e2f

Our Silicon Valley headquarters is located in one of the most culturally diverse parts of the world, allowing us to work with professional voice talent in virtually any language. We’ll provide you several voice options to choose from, so your recording won’t only be in the right language—it’s pace and style will align with your brand.

When it comes to audio recordings, quality is key. Managed by a professional sound engineer and equipped with the latest hardware and software, our soundproof studio produces multilingual voice-over recordings that sound 100% professional.

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Voice-Over Studio
Our studio creates voice over recordings for a variety of applications including audio webinars, help files, mobile applications, audio books, podcasts, telephone prompts and greetings, navigation devices, automated teller, gaming, flash animations, on line courses, and corporate presentations. Our services include:

  • Dialog Coordination
  • Localization ADR
  • Dubbing
  • Audio/Video Synchronization
  • Audio Formatting in multiple formats, compressed and uncompressed
  • Metadata Embedding and Editing
  • Analog-To-Digital Audio Transfer
  • Audio Restoration
  • Remote Recording
  • Mixing
  • Sound FX
  • Music Bed Track Creation
  • Talent Database
  • Turnkey solutions

Voice-Over Equipment
Our studio uses the highest quality recording equipment and software, including:

  • Microphones:
    • Shure SM7 b
    • Rode K2
  • Hardware:
    • Precision 8 microphone preamp from True Systems
    • Distressor ELX-8 compressor from Empirical Labs
  • Software:
    • Pro Tools from Avid
    • Sound Forge from Sony
    • Audacity
    • Logic Pro X
    • Izotope RX 3