The Process

Whether you’re a major global brand or an early-stage startup, your website needs tailoring to cater to communities around the world. We’ll review your website and craft a solution that blends the best of our human translation, machine translation, and copy adaptation strategies. Different elements on your site demand different approaches; e2f delivers the hybrid solutions to make your website intelligible, intuitive, and fully functional across borders.

Why e2f

e2f is uniquely qualified to ensure your translated website sounds as intelligent, straightforward, and friendly as the original. e2f won’t simply translate your site word-for-word; we’ll extract your branding, sending any slogans and taglines to our marketing-savvy Copy Adaptors to ensure your intended message shines through in the target language.

We have the technological know-how to work with websites on any platform. We’ll deliver the best possible solutions to move content back and forth based on your site’s unique infrastructure.

It’s not enough to simply create a translated verison of your website—you need your localized site to be seen! Our multilingual SEO approach will help boost your website traffic in any market.

Proven Results

As travel activities booking platform GetYourGuide serves millions of users across the globe, multilingual content is a must. Read how e2f helped GetYourGuide translate nearly two million words into six languages in a matter of days — and how these translations yielded measurable boosts to the company’s bottom line.

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Transifex Live for Website Localization

e2f’s partnership with Transifex provides you with Transifex Live, to integrate your website into their translation management platform. Using the International SEO by Transifex WordPress Plugin, or a simple JavaScript snippet, you can push your web content to the Transifex platform and select e2f as the provider for human translation. When the translated content is ready, you can push a button to publish the final work to your site.