e2f is a leader in professional English to Spanish translations. Our Spanish lead linguists ensure that the right linguists are handling your project, and according on your specific requirements.

When translating into Spanish, you need to make sure you get the locale right, as there are several variants, because Spanish is spoken in many parts of the world, with about 426 million native speakers, and 91 million more second language speakers, which makes it the 2nd language spoken in the world, after Mandarin.


There are linguistic differences in the various Hispanic speaking regions, not only from country to country, but also within each country. What’s also interesting is the evolution of Spanish in another country. For example, Spanish (Mexico) is slightly different from Mexican Spanish spoken in the US, mainly because of the introduction of English words – these variations even have their own names, Ladino and Tex-Mex to name a couple.

In the professional translation world, the main variants are Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico) and Spanish (Latin America).

Spanish (Spain) is part of the often used FIGS (French, Italian, German, Spanish) combination used by many companies starting localization of their products or services for the Western European market.

Spanish (Mexico) is often used in combination with French (Canada) by companies localizing for the NAFTA area (US, Canada, Mexico).

We offer the following services:

English to Spanish Translation for Spain

We do have a lot of experience translating into Spanish for Spain, particularly in the following domains: app localization, websites, marketing material. Thanks to our professional translators and reviewers located around the world, we can manage small projects in a few hours in almost all time zones, and very large projects much faster than almost any other translation company, at very affordable rates.

Most of our projects are handled on a TEP (Translation/Editing/Proofreading) basis, but we can also perform any combination of those steps in order to better integrate into your workflow.

If you are planning to use the same translated text for the whole world, please let us know and we will translate into “International Spanish” or “Universal Spanish”, making sure that we neutralize the language by not using idiomatic expressions not widely understood outside of Spain.

Machine Translation Post-Editing

In the past few years, Machine Translation has made significant advances and it has become a useful tool for translators. If you have machine-translated your English content and would like us to post-edit it, this is a service we can offer. We will first evaluate the quality of your Machine Translation output as it’s an important factor in our post-editing rate.

Machine Translation Engine Configuration

We have a lot of experience configuring Machine Translation engines for English to Spanish translation. If you need to Machine Translate your content and expect a better quality than can be produced by standard Machine Translation engines, contact us. We may be able to help you produce a higher quality output.

Alternatively, if you are using a configurable Machine Translation engine and would like us to help you tune it, let us know. Many of our linguists are experienced in this area.

Country Adaptation

There are cases where your content has been translated for Spain and you would like to make it available for your Mexican audience or for a specific country. Instead of translating from scratch, it might be more efficient to adapt your content..

Using professional native translators from the target country, our adaptation service will ensure that words or idioms only used in Spain will be replaced by the local variants, giving your text the local flavor it deserves.

English to Spanish Transcreation for Spain

Also called Copy Adaptation, Transcreation is “the process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone and context“. Whereas a simple translation is enough for technical documentation, Transcreation is necessary for marketing and/or advertising content, as this is the only way to adapt all the nuances to the intended target audience, while making sure that it’s culturally appropriate.

Our Transcreation team is composed of senior Spanish translators, most of whom have marketing or advertising background. Whether you need to transcreate a marketing slogan, the home page of your product or services website, or a full advertising campaign, we will provide you with a choice of Transcreation options and explain the differences between them, so that you can make the best choice for your brand.

English to Spanish Transcreation for Other Countries

We can also provide the same service for most Latin America countries.

Voice-Over Recording

Our California-based voice-over studio can record professionally. Thanks to the large number of Spanish language voice talents residing in Northern California, we can cast the voice you need, regardless of locale, age and sex. You can listen to some of our recording samples on e2f’s voice talents page.

Other Services

We can also translate from French, German and Italian into Spanish.

If you require translation into Spanish from another source language, please let us know. Many of our professional translators speak several languages and we may be able to help you.

Finally, we can provide you with a lot of additional linguistic services should your project require anything special.