Facebook, Google and the Future of Neural MT

Back a few weeks, we shared with you the news from Facebook about how the social giant was replacing Bing Translation with its own internally-developed automated machine translation (MT) system. We even did a brief test to see how their new in-house system compared to Bing Translate. Now comes the deeper and more stunning details. [...]

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Facebook Ditches Bing Translation

Facebook's Alan Packer announced at MIT's EmTech Digital that it replaced Bing Translation, in favor of its own internally-developed translation tool. According to the article in TechCrunch, in time Facebook will reverse the current paradigm: you will see the translation by default, and only "show original" if you really want to. The continuing caution to [...]

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Translated Pages Feature on Facebook

Social media is huge, and it's global. Within social media, one name dominates the planet. Facebook alone accounts for 1.59 billion monthly active users — and over a billion daily active users. Facebook didn't exist before 2004. Now, for over a billion people, it is hard to think of daily life without it. Corporations have [...]

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