#Petaloso: A Blooming Neologism

Just in time for the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, a story has blossomed over the Internet this past week. A young student in Italy, when asked to write down a list of adjectives, created his own neologism. Over the past week the Internet has been enamoured with the tale of "Piccolo Matteo" [...]

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NYC Government Websites to get Translation Tool

What do you do as a U.S. city government trying to communicate with 8.5 million constituents where almost half (49%) of the residents speak a language other than English at home? That's the question of the day for the City Council of New York. And one Bronx Councilman, James Vacca, is moving forward to find [...]

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Primo Levi, in Translation

While we often focus on the business and technical side of translation at e2f, from time-to-time we also want to take note of news in the world of literary translation. In recent months, much was made of the release of The Complete Works of Primo Levi, edited by Anna Goldstein. The New Yorker, The Atlantic, [...]

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