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Facebook, Google and the Future of Neural MT

Back a few weeks, we shared with you the news from Facebook about how the social giant was replacing Bing Translation with its own internally-developed automated machine translation (MT) system. We even did a brief test to see how their new in-house system compared to Bing Translate. Now comes the deeper and more stunning details. [...]

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Machine Translation Post-Editing

The localization and translation industry has traditionally been rooted in human translation. With advancements in the field of Machine Translation (MT) occurring year-after-year, there has been rigorous and ongoing debate: should you continue to use human translation, or is MT good enough? This "John Henry"-style contest between man and machine so far has been won [...]

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Facebook Ditches Bing Translation

Facebook's Alan Packer announced at MIT's EmTech Digital that it replaced Bing Translation, in favor of its own internally-developed translation tool. According to the article in TechCrunch, in time Facebook will reverse the current paradigm: you will see the translation by default, and only "show original" if you really want to. The continuing caution to [...]

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Microsoft Translator: Speech Translation Made Easy

File it under the category "The shape of things to come." Only, it's here already. Many folks have heard of the release of Microsoft's Skype Translator feature. Previewed in December 2014 and launched in late 2015, it has already enabled the translation of millions of live conversations between individuals who could not [...]

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Lilt announces four major improvements

Spence Green, CEO at Lilt, just posted an article on LinkedIn detailing four major improvements to their computer-aided translation tool, which is currently in public beta. Fast, scalable translation memory Speed improvements with new servers in Europe and Asia 18 new filters for file formats, and fixes to the DOCX filter. Search [...]

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Microsoft Building Localization Directly into Visual Studio

Microsoft released the Multilingual App Toolkit (MAT) 4.0 at the beginning of February 2016. Over at Slator you can read their full take on how MAT enables Microsoft to integrate localization and Machine Translation (MT) tools directly into their Visual Studio IDE. Screen image of MAT 4.0 from the Microsoft Visual Studio Gallery MAT 4.0 [...]

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Machine Translation: Oversold And Under-delivered, But Who Is To Blame?

By Wayne Bourland, Director of Translation - Dell This post originally appeared on GALA Blog and is re-posted with permission. We all know the promise of MT: cheap translations, lingua franca, and the ability to keep up with the content explosion. Some folks have been standing on the street corner preaching the end of the world (ok, maybe [...]

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