Pentecost and Memorial Day 2012

Our offices celebrated two different bank holidays on Monday, 28 May 2012. Enjoy learning about Pentecost, celebrated by France and Madagascar, and Memorial Day, celebrated by the United States. Pentecost in France by Samuel, Toulouse Office Pentecost is a Christian feast commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, inspired by the giving [...]

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Madagascar remembers the Anniversary of the 1947 Movement

Today, 29 March, marks the anniversary of the Madagascar Revolt for Independence against French colonial rule. On 29 March 1947, Malagasy nationalists revolted on the eastern part of the island and the Mouvement Democratique de la Renovation Malgache (MDRM) movement gained control of a third of the island. Monument Commemorating the 1947 Movement [...]

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Celebrating International Women's Day in Madagascar

by Fanja and Alicia International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate and respect women and their role in economic, social, and political achievements. While this holiday is annually celebrated around the world on March 8, it is declared a bank holiday in many countries, including Madagascar (for women only). The United Nations declared Women’s [...]

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Aina Vao: Supporting Education in Madagascar

by Toloaja Andriamasinoro, Managing Director Madagascar e2f provides aid to a primary school, named Aina Vao, which is located in a slum behind the University of Antananarivo. This school is headed by Mr. Rivo, a fantastic Malagasy, who manages the association that he created himself. He transformed the house bequeathed to him by his father [...]

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