e2f Wants YOU!

e2f has immediate openings for nineteen (19) different contract positions. These positions require the ability to fluently communicate (have both written and oral/verbal skills equivalent to a natively-fluent individual) in one of the following languages (or dialects/inflections): Chinese from China, zh_CN (2) Chinese from Hong Kong, zh_HK (2) Chinese from Taiwan, zh_TW (2) Dutch from the Netherlands, nl_NL (1) English from India, en_IN (2) [...]

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Have friends looking for a job?

Welcome back from Labor Day Weekend! We believe one of the best ways to celebrate is by helping you or your friends get a new job. If you or someone you know is looking for work, e2f is hiring! This is what we are currently looking for in the Silicon Valley / south Bay Area: Long [...]

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Which Spanish Should You Choose?

There are more than 470 million native Spanish-speakers around the world, and nearly another 90 million who speak it as a second language. Spanish, as a language, however, is not monolithic. There are many different regional dialects. So if you are going to localize into one or more variants of Spanish, which should you choose? [...]

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NYC Government Websites to get Translation Tool

What do you do as a U.S. city government trying to communicate with 8.5 million constituents where almost half (49%) of the residents speak a language other than English at home? That's the question of the day for the City Council of New York. And one Bronx Councilman, James Vacca, is moving forward to find [...]

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SEO Optimization & Localization: Don't "Fly Naked!"

In 1987, in an infamous example (or possible urban legend) of poorly-thought-through translation, now-defunct Braniff Airlines tried to market its new leather seats to the Spanish-language Florida market. But it's "Fly in leather" slogan was translated to vuela en cuero. The gotcha was that en cueros is a colloquial expression for "naked." There was controversy at [...]

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