Web and Social Translation

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Global companies recognize the need to ensure their brands, products and services reach audiences in their own languages. This includes everything from social media campaigns to websites to video to multimedia graphics. Whether you are a major global brand, an agency, or a small startup, e2f can help you customize and tailor your message to different linguistic communities around the world.

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Transifex Live for Website Localization

As an example of the state of automation in web content management, e2f’s partner Transifex offers a new service, Transifex Live, to integrate your website into the Transifex platform. Using a WordPress Plugin, or a simple JavaScript snippet, you can push your web content to the Transifex platform and select e2f as the provider for human translation. When the translated content is ready, you can push a button to publish the final work to your site.

Social Media Translation

Integrated, automatic Machine Translation tools are now found within many social media services. While these are important and often utilized to quickly communicate basic ideas, they often lose audiences when it comes to clarity of meaning, precision of language, accuracy of translation, not to mention dealing with idiomatic speech. Instead of helping reach global audiences, such automated mistranslations can backfire, opening companies up to target audience detachment, disinterest, or, at worst, mockery.

Human translation, performed by fluent professionals, maintains your corporate brand and message, and, through knowledge and experience in localization for key markets, can help you avoid the perils and pitfalls inherent to relying solely on automated machine translation tools.

As well, when constrained by the limits of certain types of media (Twitter’s 140-character limit being a prime example), translation alone is often utterly insufficient. You may need to completely rethink your message to fit in the constraints of the media. Whether that is a tweet or a reworked meme graphic, e2f can help guide you to successfully localize your campaign for the audience you are trying to impress.

Combining the Best of Human and Machine Translation

While a social media campaign, encompassed by a few vital words, requires a special human touch, on the opposite end of the spectrum are bustling web sites that comprise massive amounts of data: product or service descriptions, reviews, and so on. Whether e-commerce, real estate, travel or leisure, such sites need to manage massive amounts of content on a continuously evolving basis.

While Machine Translation (MT) is definitely part of the solution, e2f recognizes consumer-ready quality demands more than MT alone. Our hybrid solutions include Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE), as well as using advanced autoadaptive MT systems like Lilt to empower human translators to meet volume demands while not lowering the bar on quality.