Website translation includes everything from copy and graphics to embedded apps, audio and video. It also includes beyond-the-site considerations, such as search engine optimization (SEO).


Headquartered in Silicon Valley, e2f thrives on software localization and learning the latest app innovations. We have experience localizing well over a hundred mobile apps and games.


Our location in one of the most culturally diverse parts of the world allows us to work with professional voice talent in virtually any language.


The world of gaming has vastly expanded over the decades. With over 100 localized game titles under our belt, trust e2f to help you bring your games to markets around the world.


Our human social media translations capture your corporate brand and message, and, through cultural knowledge and experience, can help you avoid the perils and pitfalls that result from relying on automated machine translation tools.


While many products and services exist in intangible form online, many traditional products and related collateral rely on tangible, physical print materials and packaging. e2f provides the highest level “out-of-box quality”, localizing your packaging and print materials for global audiences.