Transifex Partnership

If you have ongoing localization and translation needs, a localization management platform is your best solution.

e2f works directly with Transifex—the leading localization management platform. Transifex allows you to load your files directly into their platform, or use their live Javascript solution to embed translations directly into your own site.

Transifex’s many integration solutions enable you to localize your content with ease. Connect directly with WordPress, GitHub, Zendesk, Jenkins, Python, and Shopify—among other leading technologies.

To get started, open a free account at Transifex. Once you’ve onboarded and your content is uploaded, you can easily select e2f as your translation provider. For more details, check out how to translate your Transifex content.


Other Continuous Localization Providers

While Transifex is our leading localization management platform partner, we’ll happily accommodate you should you prefer to work with another platform. e2f has experience working with several translation platforms.

Continuous Translation

With the emergence of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) methodologies in recent decades, the world of software development has radically changed. Web, mobile, cloud, and other distributed applications and services are no longer shipped as monolithic deliveries. Instead, new features, fixes, and redesigns are being deployed 24/7.

When your software is deliverable on a continuous basis, you simply can’t wait for your translation and localization work to be delivered through old-fashioned, manual, orthogonal, asynchronous processes.

This has led to the rise of Continuous Localization, wherein content is managed through a specialized collaborative translation management platform. Clients, translators, editors, reviewers, and program managers can simultaneously work together on your content. Platform APIs allow engineering automation to further streamline processes and integrate disparate systems.

e2f understands the need to automate and integrate your localization work. We even offer localization engineering services to help your company create the infrastructure to successfully streamline your globalization efforts.