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e2f can help with a variety of translation and localization tasks, from short-term to long-term, and from a few words to millions. We also work in a wide variety of media, from textual content to dynamic applications and multimedia.

The way we work with our customers and their projects is tailored as-needed to their own internal processes, and to the work at hand.

It All Starts at

No matter what kind or size of project you want to work on, start by contacting us via email at, or use one of the following forms to tell us more about what you wish to do.

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Transifex Partnership

If you believe your localization and translation work not going to be a discreet deliverable but ongoing, then a localization management platform is your best solution.

e2f has a close partnership with Transifex, the leading localization management platform. Using Transifex, you can either load your files directly into their platform, or you can use their live Javascript solution to embed directly into your own content site.

Transifex has integrations with many leading platforms and technologies, from WordPress and Github, to Jenkins and Ruby on Rails, to Desk and Zendesk, to Bigcommerce and Shopify.

To get started, open a free account at Transifex. Once you’re onboard, and your content uploaded, you’ll be able to easily select e2f in a pop-up menu (“Order translations”) to set us as your translation provider.

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Other Continuous Localization Providers

While Transifex is our leading localization management platform partner, if you already have an account with another one, we’ll be more than happy to accommodate you. We also work with CrowdIn, Smartling, and El Loco.

Continuous Translation

In recent decades, with the emergence of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) methodologies, the world of software development has changed radically. Web, mobile, cloud, and other distributed applications and services are decreasingly shipped as monolithic deliveries. Instead, new features, fixes, and redesigns are being deployed using 24×7 collaborative content and software production pipelines.

So when your software is deliverable on a continuous basis, you can’t wait for your translation and localization work to be delivered through old-fashioned, manual, orthogonal, asynchronous processes.

This has led to the rise of Continuous Localization, wherein content is managed through a specialized collaborative translation management platform. Clients, translators, editors, reviewers, and program managers can all work together on your content. Platform APIs allow engineering automation to further streamline processes and integrate disparate systems.

e2f, headquartered in Silicon Valley, understands the need to automate and integrate your localization work into overall content and code delivery methodology. We can even offer localization engineering services to help your company create the infrastructure needed for success in your globalization efforts. Let us know how we can help!