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10/11/13 - Localization World Voice Over Contest

Vote on your favorite voice over video from e2f’s Happy Hour as part of the Localization World Conference.  The winner of the iPad Mini will be announced at the closing ceremony today, October 11 at LocWorld. View all the videos on our YouTube channel Select your favorite by “Liking” it. The short with the most … read article

10/01/13 - e2f translations, inc. is speaking and exhibiting at Localization World 2013 in Silicon Valley

Exhibitors and speakers offer assistance for international business growth SANTA CLARA, CA – Oct 1st  2013 – e2f translations, inc. the world’s leading language producer in localization is exhibiting and speaking at this fall’s Localization World Silicon Valley 2013 international business conference in Booth 108. The conference, produced by MultiLingual Computing, Inc. and The Localization … read article

09/24/13 - e2f launches Japanese translation division

Santa Clara – Tuesday, September 24, 2013 – e2f translations, inc. In order to better service its clients, e2f announced today the launch of a Japanese translation division, with a focus on English->Japanese and French->Japanese language pairs. Kaori Myatt, a very experienced translator and reviewer who has spent her life on three continents, is heading … read article

06/26/13 - Writing or Translating for Mobile

By Francesco Pugliano, Head of Mobile Localization – eBay. This post originally appeared on Francesco’s blog, Localization in Silicon Valley, and is re-posted with permission. I’m constantly approached by developers working on new Mobile apps and by translators working on the localization of existing mobile apps asking me for guidelines and best practices on how to write … read article

06/25/13 - La chique, c’est pas chic

by Laurette P., Linguist, e2f Silicon Valley L’adjectif chic est invariable en genre. Chic a eu autrefois un féminin, chique, mais il est tombé en désuétude. On dira donc aussi bien une femme chic qu’un homme chic. Exemples : – Quelle chic fille! – C’est la rue la plus chic du quartier. Pour ce qui … read article

06/12/13 - The Art of App Localization

Let me guess. Does one of the following scenarios applies to you? You have had great success in the US with your game on the App Store, and you recently noticed an uptick in the number of international downloads, so why not localize your game and increase the revenue? You are planning to launch next … read article

05/29/13 - Mandarin or Chinese? Part 2

Do you know the differences between Mandarin, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese? Check out Mandarin or Chinese? Part 1 Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring – Alexander Pope I had an interesting conversation with a client. In short, the client was questioning the cost of the 2 Chinese sections, primarily the translation. Honestly, … read article