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04/24/15 - The beauty of a complex writing system

Once a client told us that Japanese language looks too complicated to appeal to the audience, especially when the product is targeted for children. The product is translated into several languages in the app store, and the results from it showed less preferable in Japanese. When you think about the possible cause, it is easy … read article

- Are some spoken languages faster than others?

Many people feel like Spanish or Japanese speakers are rushing, whereas Chinese or German speakers are much slower. A study by French researcher François Pel­legrino with 59 speakers of 7 languages has confirmed this feeling, so it’s true that “some spoken languages are faster than others”. However, they also found out that there is less information … read article

04/23/15 - What is the country with the most official languages?

The country with the most official languages is South Africa, with the following 11 languages. Language First language speakers Zulu 11,587,374 Xhosa 8,154,258 Afrikaans 6,855,082 English 4,892,623 Northern Sotho 4,618,576 Tswana 4,067,248 Sotho 3,849,563 Tsonga 2,277,148 Swazi 1,297,046 Venda 1,209,388 Ndebele 1,090,223 Total 50,961,443 Note that although English is the most commonly used language in … read article

04/22/15 - What is the percentage of Portuguese speakers who live in Portugal?

Portugal was the leading country in the European exploration of the world in the 15th century. The Portuguese Empire was the first global empire in history, and it lasted from the capture of Ceuta in Northern Africa to the handover of Macau in 1999 and the sovereignty of East Timor in 2002, and represented parts of … read article

04/21/15 - What English word derives from an Icelandic location?

The English word geyser derives from Icelandic Geysir, name of a specific hot spring in the valley of Haukadal in central Iceland, literally the gusher. Foreign writers thought it was the generic name for spouting hot springs and have been using it as such since 1780!  

- The Art of App Localization

 Let me guess. Does one of the following scenarios applies to you? You have had great success in the US with your game on the App Store, and you recently noticed an uptick in the number of international downloads, so why not localize your game and increase the revenue? Your company is planning to launch … read article

04/20/15 - Why can’t we translate ungoogleable into Swedish?

The translation of ungoogleable (impossible to find through a web search) in Swedish used to be ogooglebar. However, Google opposed Sweden’s Language Council addition of this word in their 2012 dictionary, arguing that Google is a trademark and that it didn’t want it diluted by being used to apply to all search (see article in the … read article